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The Princeton Museum is an interactive resource for people of all ages. Enjoy its rich display of Princeton BC history to a hands-on corner with fossils.

For the young or young at heart this special corner has been created to allow visitors to handle and examine the fossils and hopefully feel some of the history of this area. The fossil and mineral displayed in the Pollard wing is considered world class. Fossils and minerals housed there were discovered in and around Princeton BC as well as from across Canada and the United States.

In addition to the fossils and minerals there is a fascinating display of fluorescent minerals. To truly appreciate them you must visit the museum in Princeton BC to see how they react when light is shone on them.

There are telephones from the 1920’s for you to use and get a feel for the way life was in the “Olden Days” and many other genuine artifacts that are no longer in use today. See the Welby Stage coach & 1932 fire truck. Take some time to study the historic photo collection.You will soon realize that Princeton BC has a rich and interesting history.

With some looking around you will come to the conclusion that Princeton wasn’t always Princeton BC. In early days it was call Vermillion Forks. The town owed its name to the ochre deposits situated in the area.

Princeton BC will celebrate its 150th birthday in 2010. Years before the white man, such as John Fall Allison, settled in the area, the native people use the ochre for painting and for trading to their neighbors.

The Princeton BC museum also houses a display of butterflies and moths collected along the Similkameen River one summer. The museum is just a few minutes drive or walk along the Trans Canada Trail from Princeton Castle Resort where our friendly staff and beautiful accommodations will be a great place to settle in for the evening during your BC Vacation.