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The Mascot Mine in Hedley BC is a short 30 minute drive from Princeton Castle Resort in Princeton BC.  The ancestors of the present day people named the area Snaza’ist meaning the place of striped rock.  In earlier times gold mining was the major industry in the area.  Now tourism has replaced mining with the Mascot Mine Tours.  Daily tours (for further info see Princeton Castle Resort BC Mascot Mine) take explorers into the past for an experience of a lifetime.

A tour bus climbs 1000 metres (3000 ft) from the valley floor to the top of the mountain through the workings of the Nickel Plate Mine (now closed) and on to the Mascot Mine.  From there you will walk down stairs for about 100 metres to the portal level of the mine where guides will provide you with a unique geographic and historic experience (for further info see Princeton Castle Resort BC Mascot Mine tours).  Due to the 100 metre ascent and descent reasonably good health is necessary to take the tour.  The Upper Similkameen Indian Band owns and operates this amazing historical tour located in the pristine Similkameen Valley and are pleased to announce the next phase of their project with the opening of the Snaza’ist Interpretive Centre in the Historic Hedley School building.

The tour experience will expand to include a portion of Mascot’s underground workings and historic first nations’ theme tours.   After your tour which takes about 4.5 hours you will be ready for the quiet peace of the Princeton Castle Resort BC – your home away from home and base of operations for your very next vacation.

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